when white people ask PoC to teach them about racism instead of just opening up a book and doing research themselves










Maybe we want a REAL perspective. All history books and the media do is perpetrate the “White Savior” complex, and not all of us want to buy into that… 

then pay us bitch. 

pay us for our time.

we are the HOPE of the slave - we do not work for free!

This conversation makes no fucking sense……

white people would rather derail than read so of course me tellling them to pay us for our time and education of them doesn’t make any sense. 

As if black people have never written a book about it that you could read??? Yeah, your 10th grade history textbook is probably not a good resource, but this information exists. The only way you could think all books on the topic perpetuate White Saviorism is if you’re only exposing yourself to books about racism written by white people, which kinda defeats the point, don’t you think?

For the white people who want to learn about racism from still-living people of color, I’d recommend starting with Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC. She’s a college professor who’s published a book called Sister Citizen and she’s almost always got people on her weekend shows discussing the minutiae of race, class, gender, and sexuality. A lot of her guests are also published authors who are people of color so there’s plenty of literature out there that is recent and not written by white people. Professor Harris-Parry’s show is free to watch at the MSNBC website and her website is As a white person I know I can never truly grok the PoC experience but at least I can get the facts and do my best not to make things worse. 

I hope this has been helpful.